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One billion is certainly in the zeitgeist.

V-day, the global campaign founded by four-time TED speaker Eve Ensler to end violence against women and girls, recently unveiled its One Billion Rising initiative. The name comes from the horrifying statistic that 1 in 3 women will be beaten or abused in their lifetime — on a global scale, 1 billion women will be effected.

It’s a serious topic, but also one that Ensler hopes will inspire women to dance. The campaign has just released this music video, Break the Chain, with vocals by Tena Clark, choreography by Debbie Allen (of So You Think You Can Dance), and direction by South African filmmaker Tony Stroebel. The singers you hear here will be making an appearance at TEDxWomen.

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I will stand with her…..and I am certain many others will as well.

A Splash of Love....

Since writing “What I’m Learning: Sexual Abuse in My Mennonite Heritage” the very forthright article about the kinds of sexual abuse, four days ago, I have received more messages, whether Facebook, email, or other. And friend requests. And Blog ‘followers’—a word I don’t much care for because I’m not looking for ‘followers’, but friends. I would welcome a million to walk with me and beside me, but cringe to have many remain only followers.

And, yes, the Apostle Paul says, “Follow me, even as I follow Christ,” so there is a time and a place, but I see that more as a “Look through me, (to Jesus), not to me,” sort of invitation. I would welcome every soul on planet earth to ‘follow’ me in that sense. I would wish for each one to encounter the Christ who allows harlots to sit at his feet, to cling to…

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