How To Avoid Pointless Pelvic Exams


Women who have been sexually abused and/or raped often struggle with having pelvic exams performed on them even decades after the trauma. Here is a great post they can print out and take to the healthcare provider showing a pelvic exam is often NOT justified.



There is a hidden battle brewing within the medical community about the misuse of  physicians’ valuable time.  Three female Doctors have come together to write a compelling journal article showing how the significant amount of time physicians spend conducting pelvic exams on asymptomatic women is unjustified.  Doctors Westhoff, Jones, & Guiahi (2011) state “Overuse of the pelvic examination contributes to high healthcare costs without any compensatory health benefits“.

Physicians use four justifications for conducting pelvic examinations, but Westhoff, et al. (2011) reveal how the justifications are no longer relevant in light of current research, advancements in technology, and new guidelines put in place to reduce harms of over screening for cervical cancer.  The four justifications used by physicians to conduct pelvic exams on asymptomatic women, together with the counter-arguments against them by the research authors, can be summarized as follows:

  • Justification #1: Screening for cervical cancer.

Counter-argument: …

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One thought on “How To Avoid Pointless Pelvic Exams

  1. It’s more than pelvic exams, most women can’t benefit from pap tests either. Women are not being offered far more reliable testing, HPV primary testing and the self-test HPV device invented by Dutch gynecologists.
    Papscreen here in Australia are targeting the victims of sexual assault. This is a group they’ve identified as being unscreened or under-screened. So we plan to pressure this already traumatized group and put them in an excessive, outdated and harmful Pap testing program that carries a high risk of false positives and potentially harmful over-treatment/excess biopsies. It’s beyond cruel.
    These women should be offered the HPV self-test device. Only 5% of women aged 30 to 60 are HPV+ and at risk, these should be the only women offered pap testing. Most women are enduring unnecessary pap testing, exposing themselves to risk for no benefit.
    Women should demand HPV primary testing and HPV self-testing. Too much money is made from population pap testing, over-treatment etc…women will have to force change. HPV Today, Edition 24, sets out the new Dutch program. Delphi Bioscience provides information on self-testing. So many women have been harmed by these programs, most of that damage was IMO, avoidable with screening in ethical hands. Doing what’s best for women…
    Be careful with mammograms and clinical breast exams as well. Do your reading and understand what you’re agreeing to…
    I don’t have pap tests, breast or pelvic exams and when I turned 50, declined breast screening, all informed decisions. In every case I had to do my own research to get to the facts, I found official sources of information were unreliable. (and that’s being polite)

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